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Sunday, May 21 

Hosts, Senator Vincent Hughes and Tiffanie Stanard kicked off Philly Speaks discussing White House/ President Trump’s latest headlines with Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Then Lawyer Paul Hetznecker gave his legal insight on accusations against President Trump.

We took a quick break and came back to discuss CancerWho? Weekend with Al Harris, Founder and President of non-profit Team OverTime – an organization whose mission is to provide emotional, mental and financial support to cancer patients during current and post cancer treatment.

CancerWho? is an apparel brand created by Team OverTime to bring back a positive message for everyone in the fight against cancer. The CancerWho? merchandise has been used for the fundraising to support the Team OverTime Cares Program – a program that assists with chemo, radiation, doctor’s appointments, and fun-filled outings (i.e. bowling, parks, spa days, sporting events, dining) for those battling the life threatening disease.

CancerWho? Weekend consisted of two full days of three great events planned to come together and forget about Cancer for the Weekend.

May 27th – Family Free Event with a Kickball Tournament/ Community Day.

May 28th – Brunch with the Cancer Who? Family celebrating their 4th year of supporting the Cancer community while presenting our Team Overtime and Cancer Who? Awards.

-Cancer Who? Comedy show featuring Turae and friends!

Listen to the entire show:

(Update) Recapping the CancerWho? Weekend (May 27-28)

Philly Speaks (PS) had the opportunity to attend two out of the three events during the CancerWho? Weekend.

PS attended the Brunch with the CancerWho? Family, the event was a emotional rollercaster from laughs to tears. Included with the delicious mimosas and brunch, attendees saw an inspirational dance from some young performers then witnessed the award ceremony featuring Community Leaders.

There are some many moments to highlight including the Founders, Al Harris and his wife BJ discussing how through personal experience the idea for the non-profit originated. Unfortunately within their family there were a series of cancer diagnoses – a cousin that survived stage-4 breast cancer and his wife’s stepfather died from colon cancer. They realized some cancer patients have to deal with treatments and the biggest fight of their lives alone. So their goal is “help as many people as they I can, to try to put some smiles on some faces.”

The 2nd memorable moment was the family of one of the awardee’s shared the hardship of having a mother with breast cancer. They discussed the highs and the lows of taking care of her while also needing their own support to deal with the stress and fear of having a parent with cancer.

The brunch ended with a lil dancing, some laughs, more food and of course photos to highlight the wonderful job of the CancerWho? team.

Then PS ended the day at the CancerWho? Comedy show featuring Turae and friends at the new venue, Pipeline Philly. People say laughs and smiles can heal – well they were right!

The show was nothing short of a great time supporting a great cause. From Philly’s own well-known comedies Turae and Buckwild to out of state comedies coming to support Philly and the non-profit. The packed venue hosted laughs of families and friends ending the Memorial weekend knowing that when we come together as one we can accomplish any and everything – especially with laughs, smiles, open hearts and love.

Follow CancerWho? on Social Media to see more pictures/videos and read more about the non-profit @Cancer_Who_Al on Instagram @CANCERWhoAL

Philly Speaks

Source: Philly Speaks / Philly Speaks

Philly Speaks

Source: Philly Speaks / Philly Speaks

By: Tiffanie Stanard (Host/Producer)


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