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Maureen McPhilmy entered a sworn affidavit that her ex-husband, the now former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, brutally assaulted her in their Long Island home after she walked in on him having phone sex.

The document was notarized in October of 2011 and used in their divorce proceedings. It discloses that a half naked O’Reilly slammed her into a wall so hard it left a hole and then proceeded to choke her as he dragged her out of their bedroom, down a hallway, and a flight of stairs into the kitchen. What we didn’t know is the reason behind the attack was Maureen catching Bill in the act.

A security guard assigned to protect O’Reilly witnessed the incident and offered to contact the police but Maureen declined. The affidavit corroborates the stories of several Fox employees who claims O’Reilly harassed them with unsolicited calls while he seemed to be masturbating.

Fox News Executives Said To Be Considering Bill O'Reilly's Future With The Cable News Channel

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This all comes to a head now that O’Reilly was terminated from Fox after multiple accusations of sexual harassment. Do you think there’s an underlying reason reporters chose not to disclose the full story of Bill assaulting his wife after she caught him getting freaky on the phone? Tell us what you think below and read more on this story HERE.

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