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Philadelphia is taking their stand to show their outrage over the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin, a young teen who was tragically gun down by the hands of a local block captain George Zimmerman. The 17 year old teenager, just came from a local convenience store, where he was approached by Zimmerman because of his hoodie and he looked “Suspicious.”Zimmerman claims that Martin, who was unarmed with candy & a soda, attacked him so he shot the young teenager in “self-defense.” The death of the young teenager has sparked a national uproar due to the cause that Martin was stereotyped for wearing the hoodie, and with implications of racial discrimination. Since the incident, Zimmerman has not been charged with the murder. Philadelphia is taking their stand to show support of Martin, where their will be a Million Hoodie March, which will start at 7:17 Pm at 30th street Station, and continue all the way to Love Park. Organizers ask Philadelphians to wear their hoodies in support of Martin , as they march and light candles in a spiritual and peaceful vigil. Philadelphian native Jazmin Sullivan is expected to accompany the protest as well.
words by: Dante Smith @TaeSmith
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