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McDonald's To Use Healthier Oil For Fries

Source: Mario Tama / Getty

Have you ever sunk off somewhere without your parents knowing and it ended up being a place you had no business being in the first place?

Well according to Morning Journal, an 8-year-old Ohio boy stole his father’s car to take a trip to McDonald’s and had his four year old sister riding shot gun.

Officer Jacob Koehler said the department received numerous calls about the 8-year-old who displayed impressive driving skills. The little boy didn’t cause any damage to his father’s car or any other drivers. He was even able to stop at all red lights and allow other cars to pass before turning into the McDonalds parking lot.

So how he learned to drive we all are wondering? Well, apparently he learned by watching YouTube videos. So I guess this young man just single handily put a end to driving school. Once he arrived to the McDonald’s and placed his order, employees assumed that the parents were in the backseat, and were playing a prank.

In fact the parents were home sleep, unaware of what was going on. No charges were filed and this was far from a neglect charge as the children at three times that day.

Reportedly; once the police arrived the boy started cring and explained that he wanted a cheeseburger, and he also ordered chicken nuggets and fries for his sister. They were planning to pay for the food with money from their piggy bank.

The children were taken to the police station where they enjoyed their McDonald’s and waited for their parents to arrive.

Kids do some of the craziest things.

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