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 Next time my homegirls come to visit me in Philly I’m gonna try the Lamar Odom line on them “we were BONDING so we went to the stripclub” That’s apparently what he told Khloe according to LifeAndStyleMag.com. Shawn Marion, Delonte West and Lamar went to Stadium in D.C. Now, stripper “Monae” is speaking out (aint this in violation of the strip club code???) Well, she isn’t saying too much just that “Lamar was at the club with a couple of friends, and he ordered a bottle of champagne and chicken wings….He was here for a few hours and stayed in the open VIP area the whole time. He was very generous!” Monae tells Life & Style she gave the baller a $20 private table dance.

Seeing as in DC you have to put 3 feet between dancer and Client…i doubt too much really happened UNLESS we hit the PRIVATE ROOM *hmmmmm*