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The Philadelphia 76ers are defying the odds. Not because there winning but because they’re winning with a Team that doesn’t have an “A” list superstar. How does this happen?

In a league that is run by superstars it’s hard to understand how the Sixers are winning and even harder trying to believe in their record. Doesn’t make much since? Let me help explain. There are many fans around the league that don’t mind sharing their opinions on teams. When talking about the Sixers and how well they’re doing, and I expect them to do this year, the most common detracting statements we hear are “It’s still early”, “They haven’t played 10 games yet”, or “They haven’t played anyone yet.”

It amazes me that no one uses these same excuses when it comes to the Miami Heat and their fast start. The difference is the amount of superstars the Miami Heat have compared to the superstars the Philadelphia 76ers don’t have.

After watching the movie Money Ball it was clear to me that the only thing that matters in sports are results. For some that may be results for minimum cost and then other who just want results regardless of cost. The NBA is not as bad as Major League Baseball but there are many people who believe the Sixers wont contend until they get a Kobe, Dwight Howard, Wade, James or Melo caliber player.

That type of logic may have been accurate in the past but the expanded NBA and watered down talent has shown that a good overall team can beat a superstar team. We don’t even need to go far for an example. Last year the Dallas Mavericks swept the Superstar Los Angles Lakers and then beat the Superstar Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

I’m not saying the Sixers are the Dallas Mavericks of last year, I’m not saying the Sixers have a Dirk anywhere on this roster. I am saying the Sixers are a solid team top to bottom and with a team full of solid players they can contend against a team that relies on a superstar.

words by: @Philly_Ron

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