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In February during Work with Karen its Black HER-Story Month where we are celebrating Black History month with #SheFacts of female trailblazers.

Why We Love Her: Today we are honoring Constance Baker Motley for her brilliant intellect as she used her education to defeat the system while remaining a civil rights activist.

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Stats: Born September 14, 1921 in New Haven, Connecticut. She attended Fisk university then was transferred to New York University where she earned her economics degree in 1943. She earned her law degree from Columbia Law school. 1945 she became a law clerk for Thurgood Marshall. She joined NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund where she established herself as a major player in the civil rights fight. She also help draft the complaint for 1950 Brown vs. The Board of Education 

Ladies First:  The first African American women to sit on the New York State Senate and the first African American woman federal judge for the district court for the southern district court of New York. You made history in 1978 ruling that female reporters must be allowed in to major league baseball locker room.

Impact:  Constance Baker Motley story teaches us to  discovered our purpose and build an objective to fulfill that purpose. She will forever be remembered for her tireless work on the behalf of the Civil Rights Movement and her famous quote.”I rejected the notion that my race or sex would bar my success in life”

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