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The last day of January is about to come to an end and the month for the ‘Lovers’ out there has arrived. February is when the groundhog makes it’s early Spring prediction and also a month when some of us find ourselves on the couch because we forgot to plan for Valentine’s Day. Consider this your advance notice to start planning now. If you have a song dedication you’d like to get out give us a call at 844-258-8762 and share your thoughts on this #OHSOREALScenario:
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Denise 35 and Jason 36 have been together for 11 years now. They have 2 kids together and they have a child from past relationships. While Jason calls Denise his wifey and brags about how long they’ve been together to friends, he has yet to put a ring on Denise’s finger and she has had enough.
Whenever Denise brings up marriage, Jason says she is the one but still there’s been no proposal. Denise loves Jason but she feels like she’s wasting her life away. She’s ready to put her foot down but wants to know, is she acting out of desperation? Should Denise expect Jason to give in to her demands?

Should Denise just accept things they way they are? Or will demanding a marriage put her in a better space? Visit us on Facebook to share your advice…it’s all #LoveAndRnB! 

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