Philadelphia Mourns Police Officer Killed In Line Of Duty

Source: William Thomas Cain / Getty

A Philadelphia Police Officer has been removed from street duty after scuffle with teenage girl broadcasted through out social media.  As the names of the Officer and Teen were not released both parties had aligning stories. The officer confessed to throwing the 16-year-old to the ground and punching her and the teen confessed to to slapping the officers glasses off her face, which initiated the scuffle.

Although; the teen could be charged with assault on police, disorderly conduct, and related offenses, the involved officer would not pursue a criminal case against the teen.  According to Philly News, Police Directives states that officers should “use only minimal amount of force necessary to overcome an immediate threat or to effectuate an arrest. Police Directives proceeded stating “if an offender is physically aggressive or assaultive, the proper protocol would include the option of the police officer using a electronic control weapon or baton.”

The way the officer responded will be a part of the Internal Affairs investigation.

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