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Jennifer Williams called into iPower 92.1 to chat with TT Torrez where she got into the juicy details about her getting smacked around on “Basketball Wives.

On Evelyn’s assistant smacking her in the face:

“She wants her 15 minutes of fame because ‘I hit Jennifer in the face.’”

Jennifer says she and Evelyn’s assistant, Nia Cooks, were actually friends at one point. Jennifer said once she began working for Evelyn she fell back since she and Evelyn had their issues. She said Nia use to stay at her house in Miami and that she did have her keys at one time but doesn’t have them now.

Nia filed a police report saying Jennifer stole her house keys after she learned Jennifer filed a police report on her after she smacked her.

“It’s so stupid, but unfortunately you can go to the cops and you can allege that someone did anything. I’m not going to tolerate abuse from anyone, whether it’s a man or a woman, so I’m taking the necessary steps to do what I have to do because I don’t think it’s right that people go around hitting people and think that it’s ok and there’s no repercussions. That’s crazy!”