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In times of financial uncertainty people find ways to stretch maximum value out of every dollar spent. Everyday people, like you and I, cut back where we need to but some of us  make sure the budget includes an opportunity to obtain financial freedom, thru a lottery ticket.

One of the City of Philadelphia most popular athletes, DeSean Jackson is in a situation similar to this, in principal alone. He is already rich, earning 550,000 a year but his athletic ability, screams he is grossly underpaid. Over the past three seasons he has had to live like a Detner. (former Eagles QB, Koy Detner, who was known for being extremely frugal)

Starting today, February, 20, 2012 through March 5, 2012 at 4pm NFL teams may place the franchise tag on a valued unrestricted free agent on their team. It has been rumored that the Philadelphia Eagles will use the franchise tag on wide receiver DeSean Jackson. In previous years the “Tag” was looked at as a bad thing, and some still feel this way, but a new one year 9.4 million dollar salary is the lottery ticket DeSean Jackson has been waiting for.

I’m not saying DeSean Jackson is happy with a one year deal worth 9.4 million but if they give him that as a new yearly salary I’m sure he will be happy with that. The media likes to say Jackson is looking for Larry Fitzgerald and Santonio Holmes type money but  in this economy it will be hard for any player to walk away from, let’s say five years 47 million

Do you think the Eagles will make DeSean a legitimate offer?

Do you think DeSean Jackson is worth 9.4million a year?

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