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Whats more surprising than the awesome 20-9 record of the Philadelphia 76ers. After beating the woeful Charlotte Bobcats the 76ers reached a preseason goal of head coach Doug Collins of getting to twenty wins before reaching ten losses. That’s still not the biggest surprise.

Over the past few games, going back to last week versus the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers, the Sixers have found a way to continuously shoot themselves in the foot. It’s not because of sloppy play, or a bunch turnovers but because they can’t seem to make free throws.

The little things are what separate the good teams from the bad. Attention to details is what elevates a mediocre player to and above average or all star type player. Last week was extremely frustrating for 76ers fans as they watched a loss to the Clippers come by our own lack of free throw makes.

In this condensed NBA season the lack of timing between games has sacrificed both rest and time for professional basketball players to work on fine tuning certain aspects of their game. Is this a legitimate excuse for missing free throws, not at all, but it is understandable that free throws could be impacted by tired legs.

It’s obvious that Head Coach Doug Collins made mention to his team of their horrible performance at the free throw line before last nights game versus the Charlotte Bobcats. Instead of another 78% or lower performance from the free throw line, the Sixers went 20-24 versus the Bobcats, shooting 83%.

Fans of the Sixers are finding ways to go all in with their support for the team, but with that support comes expectations. If the 76ers plan on making a serious run in the playoffs they need to start perfecting the little things that can become the difference in meaningful games.

words by: Philly_Ron

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