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Kris Humphries Kim Married Me For TVIn this week’s tell me something I don’t know news, Kris Humphries and his lawyers, Lee Hutton, plan on exposing Kim Kardashian’s decision to marry Humphries as a ploy to boost ratings of her hit E! reality show. In order to do so, Humphries’ attorney must claim fraud as the reason for the dissolution of the Kardashian-Humphries 72 day union.

Though Kris Humphries’ claims have merit, he might not see the outcome he’s hoping for. Humphries did agree to propose to Kardashian and he has become more popular since marrying and separating from the businesswoman.

Kris Humphries needs to thank Kim Kardashian for breaking his heart and making him famous in the process. He wasn’t a star basketball player before Kim and now he can command more money. Take the L, Kris. Collect your residual paper and have a seat.

Hit up TMZ for more on the story.


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