DJ AM, Janis Joplin, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland: The list of stars lost to drug overdoses is a long one. Happily, there’s also a roster of celebrities who OD’d and lived. As a follow-up to Fantasia’s aspirin/sleeping pill incident, The Frisky runs down 10 celebs who did just that.

  • Eminem: He took methadone after having knee surgery, then was hooked on painkillers for 7 years, nearly dying of an overdose before getting clean.
  • Naomi Campbell: Tthe supermodel’s penchant for fighting is no secret; in 1997, she OD’d on barbiturates after a spat with her Spanish flamenco dancer boyfriend.
  • Charlie Sheen: A cocaine overdose landed the troubled actor in the hospital in 1998.
  • Courtney Love: Overdosed in 2003, 40 minutes after being released from jail for smashing a friend’s windows.

Click here for the rest of the list—which includes one actress who turned her saga into a book that later became a movie.

Eminem: ODed on painkillers.

Naomi Campbell: ODed on barbiturates.

Charlie Sheen: ODed on cocaine.

Courtney Love: ODed after leaving jail.

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