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It’s always interesting when recently retired players become sports commentators. With memories of the court or field still fresh in their heads, they haven’t quite developed the level of objectivity of some of their peers.

Since retiring from the NBA Shaquille O’Neal has become an analyst for TNT.  When recently asked to name the best Center in the NBA “The Diesel” bestowed that honor on Lakers big man Andrew Bynum. However, in a head-to-head match up with Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard (the man many would consider the best center) Bynum came up short.

Howard got the best of Bynum, finishing with 21 points, 23 rebounds and one blocked shot to Bynum’s 10 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks in the win. For the season Howard is averaging 20 pts, 16 rebounds ad 2.3 blocks to Bynum’s 15 pts, 13 rebounds and 1.9 blocks.

So what did Dwight have to say in response to Shaq?

“He’s mad about ‘Superman,'” Howard said referring to his Slam Dunk contest routine from 2008. “I didn’t know he made it up. I didn’t know Superman came from Shaquille O’Neal.”

Superman was one of several nicknames Shaquille O’Neal used during his career, flaunting a Kryptonian “S” tattoo on his bicep. But Howard doesn’t care.

“I would suggest he’d just sit down and get on with his life,” Dwight added. “He don’t play no more, so what’s the point of talking trash? It’s not like we’re wrestlers and we get to battle it out. Who cares?”



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