Tiff close upAre you looking to make a great stir fry with only 5 ingredients ? Well, welcome to Cooking with Bacon! I’m on a mission to find, re-create and play around with recipes that taste great, will help me lose weight and won’t take up all of my time or money. If you’re like me then you’re busy, you’re on the go but you want to eat more home cooked meals. Honey, I get it, I’m in the same boat. So, finding recipes with only 5 ingredients works perfectly. So, earlier this week I needed to fix lunch  that could stretch for a few days. I went to the market and purchased the following 5 things:

  1. 1 package of beef strips for stir fry,20150120_011100
  2. 1 package of mixed stir fry veggies (fresh not frozen),
  3. one can of stir fry mushrooms,
  4. one can of baby corn and
  5. one bottle of Stir Fry sauce. Honey, this deliciously lite meal costs roughly $12 and makes enough to last 5 days (if you use reasonable portion sizes)

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