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*Dave Chappelle made quite the grand return to comedy and entertainment this year — garnering him a spot as one of GQ‘s “Men of the Year.”

In an interview with the magazine, Chappelle revealed some interesting news about his used-to-be drug man. None other than Idris Elba who used to sell him reefer.

“Oh, okay. So he used to work at Carolines. During that era of my life, there’s a high possibility that I bought reefer from Idris,” he said.

He added, “fast-forward to when I was doing Chappelle’s Show, Idris would come by set sometimes … There’s a lot of women who used to work on the show … all very professional, with the single exception when Idris would come around … [They] would just lose their goddamn minds.”

The beloved, handsome actor and the highly missed funny-man had such a “special connection” to one another back in the day. Now who would’ve thought? Elba used to sell weed to Chappelle.


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