I love talking to people of all ages because you can hear the generation gaps in everyday conversation. Just think how much technology has advanced in the past 40 years alone. There are some aspects of life before Facebook and cellphones that the younger generation can not conceptualize, thus some common phrases we once said are just as antiquated. Well, here’s a fun activity, try saying some of these common phrases from yesteryear to a teenager and spark up a conversation about the significance of some of these relics from our past. Here are 20 phrases people will never say again, let’s see if you can add a few phrases of your own…

  1. I need some ribbon for my typewriter
  2. Pacman cereal is on sale at The Pantry Pride
  3. I need a dime to make a phone call
  4. This is the operator with an emergency breakthrough call from_________
  5. I’m going to The Vet to see the Eagles play
  6. Mom, did the JC Penny catalogue come yet?
  7. Meet me at Woolworths
  8. Get a hanger, the antenna is not working
  9. Can I borrow your Walkman?
  10. Do you have that new 8-track?
  11. I need a new floppy disk for my class project
  12. I need a quarter, this record is skipping
  13. Yo, chirp me.
  14. Beam your contacts to my two-way
  15. Page me.
  16. Silo’s having a sale on component sets
  17. I need tapes for my answering machine
  18. I was up so late, I watched my TV sign off
  19. I need $10 to fill up my gas tank
  20. My Phone number is PO5- 3271

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