A Long time ago, in a decade far, far away…there were a group of celebrities that flooded our TV, magazines and movie screens that we never thought would lose their shine. This elite group were so huge during the 1970’s that they became branded with the decade just like bell bottom pants, platform shoes and 8 track tapes. Lets see how much of your childhood you remember, here is my list of the top 10 celebrities only a 70’s child would love:

  1. Kristy McNichol– You could not turn to a TV channel without seeing some program featuring Kristy McNichol. This Emmy winning actress was one of the biggest teen stars of the decade. She was best known for playing Buddy Lawrence on the TV Show Family and Barbara Weston on the sitcom Empty Nest.
  2. Jane Kennedy– This actress and sportscaster was what most 70’s boys wanted and 70’s girls wanted to be. She appeared on many popular TV shows like Wonder Woman, Different Stokes and The 6 Million Dollar Man.
  3. Leif Garrett– This feather haired actor/singer was the 70’s. Period. He was everywhere, on TV, in movies, in teen magazines and on your radio with hits like “I Was Made For Dancing. He was featured in the film version of The Outsiders, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.
  4. Shaun Cassidy– Can you say Hardy Boys/ Nancy Drew Mysteries? Can you say Doo-doo-run-run-run-doo-doo-run-run? Shaun Cassidy was a super huge deal in the disco decade and you were hard pressed not to find a girl, pre-teen, teen or grown woman who didn’t have dreamy eyes for this guy.
  5. Linda Carter– This actress played my favorite super hero growing up. She was Wonder Woman as far as I’m concerned. Wonder Woman was my alter ego but my hind parts would have never been able to fit in that leotard. She was the original “Mrs. Carter” sporting a leotard and running the world.
  6. Erik Estrada– This luscious Latin actor was my main reason for watching a show about California Highway Patrol Cops. Actually, he was the only reason.
  7. Rodney Allan Rippy– America fell in love with this adorable child actor  trying to eat the Jumbo Jack in the Box Hamburger. He later guest starred on many popular TV shows from the 70’s.
  8. Linda Blair– This actress was the demon possessed Reagan from The Exorcist. To this day I can’t watch that film, it’s just too freaky!
  9. Lee Majors- How many boys in the 70’s wanted to be The 6 Million Dollar Man? Raise your hands high. Actor Lee Majors became a pop culture icon playing Steve Austin, the astronaut who survived a horrible accident and was “re-built” with bionic legs, right arm and left eye.
  10. Lindsay Wagner– She is the original The Bionic Woman (NBC tried to reboot the series in 2007). The Bionic Woman TV show was actually a spin-off of The Six Million Dollar Man. Somewhere, someone still has their Bionic Woman lunch pail. The Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man are the fastest slow motion runners of all time!

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