This is a self check moment. This may even be a “come to Jesus” moment. One thing is for sure, we must all take a moment to check ourselves to see where, what and how we are doing in life. We should check out mental status as much as we check our bank accounts. What’s in there (your mind) anyway? What’s the balance? Is there any balance? Can you say you’re a mentally strong person? I discovered an awesome list of the 13 things that mentally strong people avoid. Once you review this list you should be able to determine what you are doing to sabotage your emotional and mental stability. I’ve provided three of the items here but if you would like to review the whole list CLICK HERE.

11. Fear Alone Time. Mentally strong people enjoy and even treasure the time they spend alone. They use their downtime to reflect, to plan, and to be productive. Most importantly, they don’t depend on others to shore up their happiness and moods. They can be happy with others, and they can also be happy alone.

12. Feel the World Owes Them Anything. Particularly in the current economy, executives and employees at every level are gaining the realization that the world does not owe them a salary, a benefits package and a comfortable life, regardless of their preparation and schooling. Mentally strong people enter the world prepared to work and succeed on their merits, at every stage of the game.

13. Expect Immediate Results. Whether it’s a workout plan, a nutritional regimen, or starting a business, mentally strong people are “in it for the long haul”. They know better than to expect immediate results. They apply their energy and time in measured doses and they celebrate each milestone and increment of success on the way. They have “staying power.” And they understand that genuine changes take time. Do you have mental strength? Are there elements on this list you need more of? With thanks to Amy Morin, I would like to reinforce my own abilities further in each of these areas today. How about you?

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