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Pictured above are the group of speakers who spoke on behalf of the protesting Gov. Corbett’s signing of PA House Bill 2533 and Senate Bill 508 combined as at the “Revictimization Relief Act.” The Law which affords virtually unlimited discretion to District Attorneys and the Attorney General to silence prisoner speech, by claiming that such speech causes victims’ families “mental anguish.”

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The law by many as been argued unconstitutional and is seen as a huge blow to the movement against mass incarceration. The law will prohibit inmates to participate in contributing to newspapers, journals, Radio & TV programs as well as write books.

PA House Bill 2533 and Senate Bill 508 has been seen as an attack on imprisoned journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal as well as other prisoners who give a voice to the voiceless through there speech to the outside world. PA Senator Daylin Leach said, “This is the most extreme violation of the First Amendment imaginable.”

State officials, community members, as well as some celebrities have called for a ban on this law and as they continue to fight to change minds in the local House & Senate.

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Philadelphia Communities & Movements Unite To Protest Gov. Corbett’s Signing Of “Muzzling Mumia Law”
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