Relationships are tricky and the tricks don’t get easier to figure out the older you get either. Sometimes it’s good to just do a self check to see if you recognize the red flags that signal “Chile, this ain’t the one!”  Blogger Vanessa Altidor puts together an interesting list of signs that you are not in the right relationship. Here’s some of what she had to say…

When we are in relationships, it’s very easy for us to look at our partners and point out everything that is wrong with them. But if we are honest with ourselves we all bring a little bit of drama and issues to our relationships. In this two-part series we’ve been asking a few questions to do some soul-searching about our role in relationships. Now the truth is we’ve all been in relationships that we weren’t ready for. Sometimes it takes a bad relationship to show us who we really are. But if you already know that you’re a mess, bring drama or really have issues you shouldn’t keep bringing it to your relationships. Because one of these day you may mess up a good thing or further damage yourself.

If you would like to see the list and find out if you are in “the right” relationship CLICK HERE.

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