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*I don’t know if it’s a fair question to ask the public how much salary a pastor should receive. Its a complicated position. I mean, on the one hand, not only does a pastor preach the sermon on Sunday; but all during the week they are on-call: giving advice, visiting the sick, encouraging families, consulting.

Its easy to take this for granted. Some even feel men of the cloth should not be compensated for doing “Gods work.” But they’ve got to eat too, don’t they? They have families to feed, right?

How can you put a price on what they do? It a 24/7 job.

Which make those clergymen who choose to live large stand out even more. How can one help scratching their head and stroking their chin when they see pastor rolling up to church in a Bentley fresh off his Alpharetta-based estate.

Tithes, mainly cash money, can easily be mismanaged. So the question remains: What is the going rate for a pastor’s salary?


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