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 Magic Johnson is steaming mad about the racist remarks of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. After all, they were about him directly and African Americans in general.

Magic is saying that Sterling should step down as the Clippers owner and he thinks black folks should boycott the games until that happens.

Magic says he feels betrayed by Sterling.

“I thought we were friends. We’ve broken bread together several times. It’s almost like, do you smile in my face but behind my back you talk about me? I’d have felt better in 1979 if you would have just told me you don’t like African Americans, and then I would have known how to deal with you.”

Magic believes the Clippers players should focus on playing basketball and should NOT boycott Sunday’s playoff game. But, again, he thinks African Americans should not line Sterling’s pockets by going to the games, saying.

“He wants our money but doesn’t want us to show up.”

Bottom line. Here’s what Magic wants to happen to Sterling:

“He has to step down or sell the team.”

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