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On who can find the plane: What they need to do is get the Nation of Islam to find it. I went to the mosque one time, they found something in my pocket I’ve been looking for for six months.

On why the media hasn’t focused on the scientists: I can’t speak for white people. I can speak for my brain. A plane can’t disappear with all the technology we have all over the world. There’s people that have been talking about the scientists. They’ve been talking about the janitors that cleaned the plane and you’re not going to talk about the scientists.

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On Malaysia itself: It happened before. There are planes that have been missing that they never talk about. Malaysia is one of the filthiest places on the planet. It makes Las Vegas look like a picnic for nuns. There are rich, freaky, crazy men that order up 6-year-old girls and 3-year-old girls that are waiting for them in the hotel when they get there. How come nobody has told anyone what goes on there?

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