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As we all know Desean Jackson’s name has been thrown around in a lot of trade rumors despite Coach Kelly saying that Desean is going to stay.Questions have surfaced about the reasons behind the trade rumors.First of all why would you want to trade a All pro receiver like Desean Jackson has had the best year of his career and seems to fit Chip Kelly’s offense to a tee!!! So why is it Riley Cooper screams  out the “N” word on camera and there is nothing said after that about his attitude. I’m sure there had to be some locker room distraction and probably still is.The reason for the trade has to be someone questioning Desean’s attitude but if you are going to question attitudes why would it just be Desean Jackson’s attitude that gets called in question.They both had incredible years (only because Desean was getting double teamed and that left Cooper wide open) and both came to play when it was game day.Well lets just hope that these rumors go away soon because I dont think Philadelphia can afford to lose a receiver like Jackson ,and see him flourish with a team like San Francisco or New England (OUCH!!!) ( oh yeah did I mention he can quarterback too we may need it)

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