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T.I. and Tiny premiere their new reality show ‘Family Hustle’ tonight. In honor of them we’re going to list the top five families we love to watch on tv that have hood tendencies.

Braxton Family Values


Based on the crazy life of Toni Braxton and her sisters, the show follows their ups and downs as they all try to find careers in entertainment. The show would be nothing without Tamar and her many catch phrases. The Braxton’s are from a suburb in Maryland, but Traci’s lip smacking and Tamar’s attitude make the Braxton’s hood certified.

Being Bobby Brown


Cameras followed Bobby Brown and his then wife Whitney Houston as they gave us crazy. This show was a ratchet fest to begin with. Do you remember Whitney asking Bobby to assist her as she took a number two? SMH. One of the classic catch phrases of this show was Whitney yelling, “Hell to the no!”

Fantasia for Real


This was a show waiting to happen. An illiterate teenage mom wins the number one music show in America and then loses all of her money and cancels countless performances. JACKPOT! The highlight of this show was any scene with her little brother Teeny. His facial expressions, ridiculous antics, and over the top ideas gave viewers something to tweet about.

Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is


If I’m not mistaken this was our first taste of ratchet family life. Perhaps the funniest moments came when Frankie got out of jail. Her loud raspy voice and little frame yelling, “HOLLA!” was the staple on the show.

Toya: A Family Affair


The concept of her show was beautiful. It had the perfect balance of ratchetness and positivity. BUT Toya mispronounced words in just about every episode and it made her adolescent daughter by Lil Wayne seem smarter than her. Regardless the show was a hit. Millions of viewers tuned in each week to see her relationships unfold with dysfunctional family members and her now husband Memphitz.

Be sure to watch T.I. & Tiny on their new show ‘The Family Hustle’ tonight at 9pm on VH1.

Words by Jazmyn Gilliard (@JazGill)