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The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens met last night in a football game that fit the tradition of a true Thanksgiving Day game. A yearly tradition in many families throughout America is the Thanksgiving Day game.

Before the NFL put its stamp on Thanksgiving Day football, siblings, neighborhood and church friends got together on Thanksgiving day morning to claim bragging rights for the year.

How fitting it was to see an NFL game capture the sibling Thanksgiving Day game by matching the Jim Harbaugh lead San Fransisco 49ers against the John Harbaugh lead Baltimore Ravens.

The desire to beat the other brother gave viewers a glimpse of how good football was prior to all the recent rule changes to help offenses. The Ravens and 49ers spent the majority of the game in a defensive battle. If you have a sibling close in age I’m sure you’re aware of the constant ruff housing, wrestling and boxing that goes on to try and show who has the upper hand.

In true big brother fashion John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens were to strong for little brother, Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers. Even though the 49ers matched the Ravens, step for step, for the majority of the game, once the NFL Network cameras cut to Ray Lewis telling Terrell Suggs to “Keep hunting, keep hunting, until you got him on your wall” the Ravens hybrid outside linebacker/defensive end elevated his play and his teammates around him.

The start of this sibling rivalry in the professional ranks goes to John Harbaugh and the Ravens with their 16-6 victory over little brother Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers.

words by: @Philly_Ron