Sunday, October 27, 2013

With the November 5th election quickly approaching, Philly Speaks host, Senator Vincent Hughes took the October 27th show to discuss key issues surrounding voting day.

The specific issue at hand is the attack on the right to vote, both nationally and locally. Senator Hughes welcomed special guest Roland Martin to speak on the topic. Martin is  an American journalist and syndicated columnist, as well as the host of TV One’s morning news program, News One Now. Shortly into the conversation, Senator Hughes welcomed his second guest, Judith Brown Dianis, via telephone. Dianas is the Co-Director of the Advancement project, which she discussed in full detail.

Next, Philadelphia City Commissioner Stephanie Singer joined in on the conversation. She talked about the role she plays in Philly, how voter ID impacted the last election, the latest on voting issues, and encouraged everyone to get out and vote.

Senator Hughes also closed the show by reminding listeners about the importance of voting in each election and gave information about where they could find details about this election, voter ID laws, and polling places.

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