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If you follow the Philadelphia Phillies then as some point you should have heard Charlie Manuel say the following phrase “Know Thyself” in one of his press conferences.

The phrase requires us to be honest with ourselves and responsible enough to “check” ourselves if we’re not achieving at the level were capable of.

It’s sad to say that after nine games this NFL season, we as fans of the Philadelphia Eagles need a “Know Thyself” moment. The fun of looking over the schedule in the preseason and guessing wins and losses has been replaced with the reality that our team is bad.

On Sunday, Eagles fans sat through a game that at times looked like an exhibition in sleep walking. It just so happened the day before Desean Jackson overslept and missed a team meeting, which forced Andy Reid to deactivate him for the game. With Desean out of the game the offense played uninspired the entire game.

Now that we’ve come to the point where we have been completely exposed as a team and have to accept what we have in a team as fans, it’s time to ask some real questions.

Has Andy Reid lost the locker room because of his decision to sit Desean Jackson?

Has Mike Vick lost his desire to do all that it takes to be the best (study, make the smart play instead of the electric play) now that he has signed a contract extension?

What position do we need most in next years draft?

It’s not fun to be in this position but if were honest with ourselves we can start to recover from this atrocious season. If you have an answer or suggestion to the problems the Eagles are having please share them with us on twitter.

words by: @Philly_Ron

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