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I love sports like most people love attention and money. The feeling that comes from testing yourself against another athlete in a competition is addictive. Most athletes don’t necessarily play for the money. Most athletes are addicted to competing and measuring themselves and get paid in the meantime.These addictive behaviors turn some athletes into stars and others into addicts. Please listen to what I’m saying, this is not the case for every good or bad athlete but the story needs to be told.

The beauty of sports is how it plays out just like life. There are no guarantees or definite results. You just work to put yourself in position for success and make adjustments as life happens. As a young athlete I was fortunate enough to meet Charles Barkley in a semi private setting. He said the realest thing to me that day and the words have stuck, “Life Happens”.

I’m brought back to the reality of these words as I channel surf for sports. There is a special on that focuses on the life of Chris Herren. He is a former NBA point guard for the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics, that made it to the top and found out how addictive habits turned into a serious alcoholism and drug abuse problem.

He’s now a motivational speaker who shares his story so that others don’t feel helpless while they are struggling through their problems. It’s always great to talk about on the court, but it’s just as important to talk about the ups and downs in life and how you can still succeed after being down.

words by: @Philly_Ron