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The relationship between sports and hip hop is a strong one. While many athletes use hip hop beats to get them through workouts or even ready for a game, some use it to make statements. I’ll try to make this clearer as we continue.

In hip hop you have the so called lyricist or the mainstream artist. The mainstream artist are like the athletes that use a hot song or beat to get their adrenalin going, whereas the lyricist uses intricacies and wordplay to tear you apart while your actually vibing to what he says. The lyricist in sports are mainly the vets or the wise beyond their years athletes that pick pre game songs based on content to get them hype.

Tomorrow night we have arguably the best concert to hit Philadelphia this year for hip hop fans. Jay Z and Kanye West “Watch The Throne” tour will make its stop here. I’m still buzzing off of the Eagles win over the Cowboys and while watching the game and listening and reading all of the post game notes and interviews “Watch The Throne” keeps coming to mind.

So I ask you what would you use to get your adrenalin pumping. What song would you use to make a statement?

I’m more of a crafty vet/lyricist type. I would use “Watch the throne” as my statement to any opponent. Its not a song, but a collection of tracks that serve notice to everyone that  they really ain’t ready. It’s like having a babysitter or house sitter. They can front in front of the kids or lounge around in the house like it their own, but when they hear them keys jiggle at the door, they fall right back into their place.

words by: @Philly_Ron

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