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Philadelphia has only had love for one member of the Ryan family and that was Buddy Ryan. He was a tenacious head coach of the Eagles in the eighties who gave the Eagles a true Broad street bullies reputation.

We have been treated to many classic Eagles vs Cowboys match ups over the years but Sunday night was the first time that a Ryan was on a hated rivals side. You would think growing up with Buddy Ryan as your dad, Rob Ryan would know not to write a check his @$$ couldn’t cash.

When Buddy Ryan said the Eagles we’re going to do something, he made sure the team stepped up and performed. His initial press conference as the Eagles Head Coach came with a promise that his Eagles would beat the Cowboys. At that time the rivalry between the Eagles and the Cowboys was at an all time high. Even though the team won the NFC East once under his tenure players have been quoted as saying Buddy didn’t have many rules but, beat the Cowboys was one of them.

Rob Ryan took over the defensive coordinator position for the Cowboys in the summer and took a page out of his dads book by calling out our beloved Eagles and naming us the all hype team. All week we heard the back and forth between Rob Ryan, Desean Jackson and Michael Vick.

Vick said it best, “bottom line is he will have to adjust to what we do.” I guess with how thoroughly the Eagles kicked the Cowboys tail, Rob Ryan should have believed the hype. I just have one question. How bout them Cowboys? Lol

words by: @Philly_Ron