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a collage of artists on the biopic list


The music business is a place where perception is reality and truth is hidden behind smoke and mirrors. But with the success of TLC’s biopic, “Crazy Sexy Cool,” that aired on VH1 to 4.5 million viewers, music fans have become interested in the story behind the scenes rather than the show and facade they are presented by artists and their handlers.

T-Boz and Chilli pulled back the curtain on the personal and private struggles they went through during their time in TLC. Since that proved successful for the women, we started thinking about some male R&B groups with enough drama to earn them their own biopic. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to see a film about a talented yet struggling R&B group living in poverty who are propelled into stardom because of their natural gifts. Throw in some sex, drugs, and performance scenes and you’ve got a great flick.

Check out the male R&B groups we want to get a biopic made about them.

Dru Hill At An Event

5. Dru Hill

The Baltimore quartet came to prominence in 1996 and received some backlash for being extremely similar to Jodeci. (More on them later.) However, Dru Hill soon established that they were their own men with their own issues. There are questions we need answered like whose idea was it for Nokio to be pouring hot wax on his chest in the “In My Bed” video while biting on a dragon pendant. Did they not know how suspect that was? Or what about the religious drama Woody was going through? He was in the group, then left for Jesus, then came back, but then left again, but then came back, only to quit and get beat up during a radio interview. Any time there’s a group that gets into a fight when they announce a reunion needs a biopic like right now.

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