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Ever wondered what movies make men cry? We have a list of the most popular films that create a soft spot for men. Who ever said real men don’t cry is wrong, especially with these scenes. Check them out!

Remember the Titans:

After a game win, Gary gets in a car accident that leaves him paralyzed and due to his disabilities he eventually dies. This scene shows the brotherly love between Gary and Julius as Julius refers Gary as Superman.


After always being told he “can’t” do something and “can’t” play football, he finally gets to show the world what he is capable of doing.

Menace to Society:

Cane gets shot after trying to protect his son from a drive by shooting. He dies in front of his son.

Boyz N the Hood:

Ricky gets shot after a drive by shooting leaving behind a family, college, and a promising athletic career.

The Pursuit of Happyness:

With no money and no home, Chris Gardener and his son must sleep in a subway bathroom.

Friday Night Lights:

Due to an injury, the doctors tell Boobie that he can’t play football anymore. Even thought he doesn’t want to, Boobie leaves the team.

Brian’s Song:

Based on a true story, Brians’ Song focuses on the frienship between Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo during Piccolo’s battle with cancer.

Higher Learning:

Malik Williams is targeted by a neo-nazi skinhead but his girlfriend Deja is shot instead.

Cooley High:

Cochise gets beat up under tracks and dies

The Lion King

In this pivotal moment, Mufasa dies after saving his son from a stampede of hyenas.