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Jeezy sums up the problem with the NBA and it’s players in the verses in his Ballin track. “you know these moes came to see me ball, you know these moes love to see me ball”

Let’s get this clear, sports live and die with us. The Fan. We decide if players get big contracts, think not. Just keep stuntin and putting a bad product on the floor and watch how fast ratings decline and the trickle down start to show in your check.

The worst thing that can happen for the NBA and it’s players has happened. By canceling the first two weeks of the NBA season the greed between both parties has lost the momentum gained from last years playoffs and given fans the opportunity to start questioning salaries.

Does anyone outside of the NBA players union believe the players should have guaranteed contracts? Should the NBA keep franchises that never make the playoffs because of their market. Like it or not, the NFL is the best business model for any professional league.


Sports contracts should be valid if you make the team and perform well. But paying players ridiculous sums of money even when they don’t perform, that has to stop. We can start by making changes right here in our back yard. Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand consume 30million of a 54million dollar payroll. What!!! I never question a man’s salary but if you’re taking away a consumer based product because of leverage, greed then as a consumer I have every right to say I can’t see how that type of money is justified.

The Sixers got rid of the real AI because they thought he was hindering Iguodala from growing. He might as well skip practice too because we still aren’t winning.

NBA don’t think you’re getting off easy, no no no. With a reduced season, we need to dissolve these horrid franchises that water down the NBA experience and dilute the logo. No one wants to see bad basketball. If you really want to give us a gift eliminate the bottom 4 teams in each conference and let those players make up the free agent pool.

Now that greed has cost the fans enjoyment it’s going to take some outside the box thinking to make us happy. Never forget how much you need us.


– The Fans

words by: @Philly_Ron