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This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen. This isn’t your favorite hip-hop song, that when you hear the beat you immediately prepare to start versing the lyrics. This isn’t your favorite movie where you get built up to the climax, knowing that the good folks will win. Naw, this is Philadelphia and as fans of the Philadelphia Eagles we get built up just to get a foot in our back, kicking us off the edge of the cliff.Each week we hear from Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid, telling us he will do a better job preparing his team. And each week we sit around Sunday afternoon scratching our heads trying to figure out what the heck just happened.


With the city on life support because of a heart breaking loss by our Phillies in the NLDS, we clung to the Eagles to help jumpstart our pulse. Instead the Eagles treated us to a lack luster performance, setting the tone early with three turnovers and a 21-7 deficit going into halftime.

But this is Philadelphia, and a blowout isn’t dramatic enough. After all we love to channel our inner Rocky so our Eagles fought back. We started to see it right there in front of us, as Jason Avant continued to make catch after catch. Desean Jackson started to drip swagoo all over the Buffalo Bills defense. And then our defense started to get stop after stop. Is it really going to happen? Are our Eagles going to come back and win this game? Are we witnessing a comeback similar to the Giants game from last season?

I started to get hype, and my twitter timeline started poppin. I could see our inner Rocky trading blows and staggering Drago. Ironically I started to hear the music playing in the background of my room Jay-Z “Ignorant Sh*t” Head nodding hard and talking mad smack to the TV. How foolish of me. Just as Jay, freed Beans on the track, Avant fumbles, followed by Juqua Parker jumping off side and now we are all scratching our heads like WTF just happened.

I refuse to have this be our story. Philly isn’t about working hard and failing. Hell Naw!! We put that work in and earn victory. There isn’t any city in this country that outworks us, or has more hustle, drive and determination than us. Help send a message to our Eagles of what we expect from them on game day. Comment below, your voice will be heard.

Words by: @Philly_Ron

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