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Kimsha ArtestIf you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen Kimsha Artest on “Basketball Wives LA,” it could because she’s no longer a main cast member. As you know Kimsha is not shy when it comes to speaking her mind. When asked why she hasn’t been seen on the show by fans on her Facebook page she said:

“I’m getting asked a lot of questions. I ain’t got time for the bullsh*t. It is what the f*ck it is. Ya’ll need to take it to Ms Shaunie. I will keep my mouth zipped right now.”

She later had more to say about Evelyn Lozada and Laura Govan:

“I see they cut me off the show and left buckle a** b*tches. shaunie oneal can kiss my a**. she kisses a** to that evelyn b*tch and gets the b*tch who f*cked her husband and cut her a cheque but cant handle a real woman. FOH!”

Shots fired! Will you miss Kimsha not being on the show?


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