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I am an American just like everyone else born in this great country. Just like others, I enjoy America’s overindulgence and quirky holidays.  But far too often, I am exposed to Americans who give this country a bad name by representing a time period of hate, prejudice, and bigotry. When confronted on what they represent, we often hear excuses of pride in culture.

Well let me be the first to say: If your pride in culture is  a representation of millions of people persecuted, then your culture needs a serious gut check.

A co-worker of mine who resides in  Charlotte, NC noticed a figure noosed from a tree while she was riding through the Plaza/Midwood community. Take a close look at the image above (rumor has it, this lynching doll has been up for two years). Does this seem like something the greatest country in the world should be representing? In a country that has been growing multiculturally at almost a exponential rate, how is this ok?

Yes it is Halloween season, but I never knew Halloween to be a holiday where we shrine little black boys being lynched.  We expect African-Americans to forget about slavery and move on, but as they drive through there communities they are bombarded by images like this time and time again. This isn’t just some black people problem or gripe, this is an American problem.

So to all my confederate flag tooting friend-a-enemies, your confederate flag might mean culture and heritage to you, but to most people who look like me, it represents this little black boy being lynched on your front porch.


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