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Earlier this week Ice-T’s wife Coco made headlines when she had a wardrobe malfunction at a Richie Rich fashion show. Anyone who follows Coco on twitter (@cocosworld) knows she is hardly shy when it comes to her chesticles,  but wanted to explain that this was NOT done purposely.

“I walked the runway for the Richie Rich Fashion yesterday and I didn’t have a proper fitting and the silky dress I wore slipped down under my boob,” she wrote. ” My right boob popped out like it was trying to say hello to everybody but I quickly stuffed it back in then acted like nothing happened. I swear I didn’t mean for my boob slip to happen. It was just as shocking to me. But hey, sometimes you have to say it is ‘T*tty Tuesday.'”

Coco has a weekly event on her Twitter feed dedicated to her boobs and another on Thursdays featuring photos of her in thongs. However, she felt this DD-Cup display was not intentional and should not be taken too seriously.

“I woke up this morning and it’s the news of the century for some odd reason. People bombarded me with calls, emails…I’m like come on, seriously. IT’S A BOOB! We all have them. Can’t we talk about starvation in the world or Cancer?”

We could, but it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining as “T*tty Tuesday.” Despite her insisting it wasn’t important, she later posted a video of the clip on Youtube, which was removed.