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With the new age of texting comes new ways to express yourself. Of course, texting slang and symbols such as “lol” and “ttyl” will forever be around. But this new iPhone and Android driven era has brought those words to life! Emoji Symbols (the new Emoticons), are small icons that can be used when on Facebook, when texting, tweeting and when posting on Instagram. There is an Emoji Symbol for anything you can think of! Are you Hungry? There’s an emoji for that. In Pain? There’s an emoji for that! Stressed? Guess what, there’s an emoji for that! The new generation can barely tweet or text anything without emoji symbols attached now, so parents when your teen texts you, don’t be shocked when you see an emoji symbol. Here are a few emoji’s and their meanings below!


Description from left to right:

1) :smile: 2) :smiley: 3) :big_smile: 4) :blush: 5) :relaxed: 6) :wink: 7) :heart_eyes: 8) :kissing_heart: 9) :kissing_face: 10) :kissing: 11) :kiss:

12) :wink2: 13) :tongue: 14) :tongue2: 15) :flushed: 16) :grimacing: 17) :pensive: 18) :satisfied: 19) :unamused: 20) :disappointed: 21) :persevere: 22) :cry:

23) :joy: 24) :sob: 25) :sleepy: 26) :relieved: 27) :cold_sweat: 28):sweat_smile 29) :sweat: 30) :weary: 31) :tired_face: 32) :fearful: 33) :scream:

words by: India Lee

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