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Amidst talk of a much-anticipated comeback, comedian Dave Chappelle has once again been feeling the heat for his strange antics. No, he’s not running off to Africa again, but he did head right off the stage at a Miami charity event, which he performed.

Chappelle, who has recently struck comedic chords on the NYC stand-up scene, was slated to perform an hour-long set during a fundraising event for Alonzo Mourning, but, according to reports, he only managed to muster up a single, solitary joke.

CNN reporter Roland S. Martin tweeted about the performance, describing it as “bizarre” and said a rowdy audience member got under Dave’s skin when she yelled, “Can you tell a joke so we can enjoy ourselves?” The incessant hecklers apparently bothered Chappelle to the point where he eventually gave up on his routine, and resorted to sighing loudly and repeatedly checking his text messages.

Chappelle apologized for his “bad attitude” the following night, so we can forgive him. We’re just hoping this setback doesn’t send him back into hiding, because we’re still gunning for a Rick-James-and-friends revival in the near future.

Here’s the interview he did about his meltdown.