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One of the hardest things about being a hip-hop producer is getting your name out. Unless you have the inclination to shout your name out on a track a-la Pete Rock or Diddy, it’s hard to let people know that you were the brains behind a dope record.  This has become especially difficult in the digital age when most people download a song from a blog and barely read the digital CD booklet (if it comes with one).

To counter act this beatsmiths have taken to releasing mixtapes of their work just to let people know that they were responsible.  DJ Khalil put out a “Grammy edition” of songs he produced for Eminem and Dr. Dre and even Double-O from Kidz In The Hall dropped “If You Didn’t Know, I Produced That.”

Taking note is Soul Council member Fatin “10” Horton. The Greensboro, NC based producer got his start making beats for KRS-One in 2003 and has contributed music to Season 2 Of The Boondocks animated series.

“People know my music more than they know my name, so I’m trying to match it to certain things,” he says of his mixtape Missing Identification.“So they know going forward what to look for from me. Hope ya’ll enjoy the music.”  Take a look at the list of the songs he’s produced and download them for yourself.

1. “Da Beginning Of Da End” – From Heltah Skeltah’s 2008 album “D.I.R.T (Da Incredible Rap Team)”. Rock and P destroyed this beat . . . Gladiator style.

2. “Invincible” – Recorded in 2004 as part of a series of jams done when Ness came to NC and worked with myself, 9th Wonder, and Khrysis. There’s a vault worth of jams that he has with us that most of the world has never heard. This is one of them.

3. “The Cake” – Taken from Lloyd Banks 2006 album “Rotten Apple”. One of my favorite beats and the song Banks said was his favorite off the record. I need to give him another smoker, cause him and 50 killed this.

4. “Let My People Go” – From Pharoahe Monch’s 2011 new classic “W.A.R. (We Are Renegades). This song was 5 years in the making . . . and well worth the wait.

5. “Like You” – Off Sean Price’s 2007 album “Jesus Price Superstar”. First two bars of his rhyme are CLASSIC . . .

6. “Superwoman” – From Darien Brockington’s 2010 release “The Cold Case Files” . . .

7. “Next Day” – This was a bonus cut off of Little Brother’s 2007 release “Getback”. Straight forward and to the point. Heat. Word to my nigga Phonte.

8. “You Gon Go?” – From KRS-One’s 2003 release “Keep Right”. This was one of two songs I placed on this album (“Phucked” was the other) and I got my first “official” check for this. I felt it was a sign to have my first two placed tracks for pay with a LEGEND.

9. “Think It Over” – Another joint from the Ness vault from NC . . . Enjoy, because here may be the closest you see those songs seeing the light of day.

10. Desparada – One of three songs that I did off the “Jeanius” album (2-32’s and Smashmouth were the others). Jean came to NC in 2004 and recorded that album in five days flat. There’s a lot to be said for talented artists that work hard. That album was a product of that formula. Word to Jean and 9th for that look.

Download “Missing Identification” HERE

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