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A few years back, in a post addressing interracial dating, Jill Scott caused some debate as she expressed her disapproval with this specific kind of dating. In explaining her views she referred to the “African story in America”, discussing what she believed to be the historical implications behind interracial relationships. She believed the struggle that African Americans faced in maintaining a relationship with whites in the past has permanently harmed their ability to restore that relationship now.

On the other hand, in a more recent article, rapper and actress Eve who is currently dating a Caucasian male, discussed her approval with interracial dating. Eve admits to have never thought about dating interracially, until she met her current boyfriend, Maximillion Cooper. Eve continued, stating that if she is being treated the way she is supposed to be treated than race should not be an issue.

This debate on interracial dating continues as opposing sides continue to conflict on their views. In America where race issues have molded and formed part of the country’s foundation, one must ask themselves if interracial dating harms or benefits any possible progress dealing with different ethnicities and equality and acceptance. One must also keep in mind that more than ever are races exposed to different races as neighborhoods, colleges, work environments, schools, and other locations are becoming more and more diverse. Can we coexist in a country where we are taught to only date inside of our race or is it more beneficial that different races and cultures continue to blend?

words by: Giovanni Waters

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