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This question may appear shocking to some, but it is not far from the truth. Why do Black people not get married as often as other races? According to StatisticsBrain.com, in the year 2012 only 32% black men and 26% black women were married; 12% less than white males and 25% less than white females. There are certainly plenty of baby showers being held in the black community more frequently than weddings, receptions and anniversaries. Also, not too many African American teenagers can say that they were raised in a family setting with both their father and mother, married, on good terms. But why does this happen? Do Black men and women have serious commitment issues?

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In the 21st century, the process of dating and being in a relationship has changed drastically from what is has been. Once upon a time, sophisticated courting, chivalry and “taking it slow” was the norm for those dating. Now, dating consists of following each other on all social media sites, hanging out at each other’s houses instead of going on actual dates, and falling in love way too quickly. Relationships today are doomed from the beginning because many jump into relationships without spending the proper time getting to know their significant other. Many believe that they are in relationships because they’re in love when really; they are just infatuated by the idea of having a significant other. The beginning of a relationship is like building a house, without a strong foundation, it will crumble! With the way relationships are conducted in the black community today, there is little to no room for longevity.

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Everything happens in the very early stages of the relationship and there is practically nothing left to keep each other interested after a few months, marriage becomes the furthest thought. Black men, along with some black women, look at marriage as a sense of being tied down, it holds them back. Meanwhile black women, and a few black men, just like many others, have daydreams of their future husband or wife and family. Nevertheless, not all black men and women are afraid of commitment. There are a few that do take that leap over the broom and get married, but it just takes the right person!

words by: India Lee

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