Even history books can confirm how long black people have been in competition with one another. Divided by skin complexion as house and field Negroes, we were forced to create segregation within our own race. Trickling down from generation to generation, black people seem to still embody this desire to compete and tear one another down. Could this be why black people don’t support each other?

The Mexican and Chinese cultures will come over to the United States and perfect their crafts just to return back to their homes and give back. They continuously support their people in any endeavor they attempt to pursue. Unlike other races where they are prideful of their people no matter the socio-economic status or difference in skin complexion, black people rather separate the haves and have-nots within their race.

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We can be very much so envious while secretly wishing failure on each other. No matter if it’s in the classroom or in the corporate world, there seems to be a hesitation in black people supporting one another. For example, black people can go rapid in their explanation for who deserves the “Best Rapper” title, but then not buy their albums. They rather take the cheap way out and invest in the leaked version oppose to paying. If they truly supported their favorite artist, why not purchase the album?

Black people don’t support black owned businesses and then wonder why there is no progression in the companies. Black businesses can never fully succeed without the help of their own people. It begins with us first. Once we begin to support one another, maybe we’ll begin to see more Oprah Winfrey’s and Cathy Hughes’. In order for even more black people to succeed, black people must support each another. Instead of downgrading, let’s begin to uplift one another and make a difference.

words by: Jasmine Goodwin 


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