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Single LadiesIt’s no secret that I haven’t been a fan of VH1’s new show “Single Ladies,” but as I’ve been writing my recaps over the course of the season, I have to eat my words a teeny weeny little bit. This show is proving itself to have potential. Not only do I go absolute apesh*t for Stacey Dash’s wardrobe, I’m not mad at the decor either. It also doesn’t hurt that the last two episodes have been juicier than a Florida orange and I’m slowly but surely becoming a fan with Val, April and Keisha’s past coming to bite them in the you-know-what! Check out 5 reasons why VH1’s “Single Ladies” just may have potential.

5. Val has a juicy past! “What’s done in the dark will come into light.” Val’s bisexual past is coming to catch up with her as her old college lesbian experience with…(drum roll please)…you guessed it, the lesbian community’s own, Queen Latifah, is revealed! In turn, the affair gets blown up in the media by the beautiful butch herself.

4. Keyshia is falling in love. It seems as though the Playa’s Club President, Keisha, is officially on her way to turning in her playa’s card – which should’ve been done years ago but, hey, at least she’s giving it up.

3. Keisha plays mentor. Say what you will about her, but Keisha began to grow on me this episode. She seems to have matured in the show and in the midst of pulling a favor for April, she comes across an aspiring video hoe model willing to do anything to get her name out there. So, Keisha comes to the rescue and saves her from a possibly humiliating night. She allows her to stay the night at her and Val’s place but later, while taking her home to her brother’s house, Keisha discovers the model’s brother is actually Malcolm – her constant flame and current love. Eventually they make up and Keisha comes clean about the watch she stole from him to keep the events of her scandalous past from turning up in a book.

2. April’s artist ODs on drugs. In the midst of trying to manage her new artist Reed, she realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew as she constantly has to chase her artist to keep up with him. With missed studio time and late show appearances, Reed eventually overdoses on drugs and April finds she needs to tighten her leash on him. She orders him to sleep on her couch until after the album is done.

1. Reed tries to show his appreciation for April. In an attempt to show his love and appreciation for all of April’s hard work and dedication she’s invested into his career, Reed makes his way during the wee hours of the morning and attempts to give April some of the “sweet daddy” but much to his surprise, April remains professional and lets it be known that nothing but the rent is going down between them. As he pleads his case and tries to let her know he’s just being appreciative, she sends him on his way, telling him to put it in a love song.

Check out the full episode below:

What do you think? Based on the last two episodes, do you think “Single Ladies” has potential?

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