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The law says “no child is left behind.” So, why don’t black people value education? Statistics have shown that there are more black people facing the issue of poverty versus white people. Especially for the black families that reside in urban communities, it becomes easy to put education on the back burner for which it may not be their top priority. In saying that, this could certainly be a factor in why black people may choose to not value education as much as other races.

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The educational gap between blacks and whites has narrowed between the years of 1992 and 2007. Unfortunately, white people are showing an alike amount of improvement at the same rate as black people. White people are continuing to demonstrate more educational concern than black people from the time their children are born up until college graduation. From birth, black families allow their children to watch more television rather than instilling the importance of reading a book.

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Another educational burden that inner city black families face is the lack of funding and resources for their public schools. If the schools do not have funding, they do not have the ability to properly educate their students with the appropriate curriculum. Black people have a rich history in education and setting the standard even higher as time progresses. Despite the hardships black people may face, they must understand that education is beneficial. Education is overcoming.

words by: Jasmine Goodwin



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