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Philadelphia rarely gets the credit it deserves for its contributions to hip-hop as a whole, but it received the accolades it deserved in the book “The Big Payback” by Dan Charnas. In addition to being an accomplished journalist, a published author, Charnas is the Managing Editor at Interactive One, the online division of 100.3 The Beat’s parent company Radio One.

100.3 The Beat assembled a line up of figures who played a part in the early days of Philly hip-hop, and Charnas moderated the discussion. Rapper Schoolly D, 100.3 The Beat Program Director Boogie D, Hip-Hop radio pioneer Lady B, rapper Yvette Money, rapper-turned-producer Carvin Haggins, rapper Dice Raw, DJ Jay Ski and Source Magazine co-founder Jonathan Schecter offered their insight and memories of Philly as it helped hip-hop become the international movement it is today.

Meet the panelists in the video below…

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