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Beyonce Run The World Girls VideoBeyonce’s “Run The World” video premiered last night, May 18, on “American Idol.” She also made an appearance on the show coaching the final three contestants on their singing and song selection during the first round.

“Who runs the world? Girls! Who runs the world? Girls!”

In the video, Beyonce begins dancing with her shoulders, representing an “army” of women behind her as they stand before troops of men who watch closely. The “battle” is peaceful as Beyonce, dancing in a trio of women, makes moves we will soon see take YouTube by storm. The army of men stand astonished as Beyonce triumphs. They are upset that they cannot defend themselves. They are defeated.

Along with passionate moves, and making worldly fashion statements, Beyonce also maintained piercing facial expressions throughout the video. At the end of each refrain, the queen of pop belts “Girls” with vengeance and a passion like no other.

“Run The World (Girls)” makes it known that this may be a man’s world – but it is nothing without a woman’s touch and sense of style.

Beyonce sings: “My persuasion could build a nation, endless power without love we can devour” as the women dance victoriously against the men who are speechless. Overall, the video brings back a sense of strength and reasserts what it is to be a woman and what new fashion trends to catch. – VANESSA DENIS

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